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Graphion's Online Type Museum
Graphion's Online Type Museum
J. Gutenberg
W. Caxton
A. Manutius
W. Caslon
G. Bodoni
F. Goudy
E. Gill
J. Tschichold
B. Warde’s Crystal Goblet
Typographic glossary

Table of content

Organised around six sections (Typographic visionnaries, Elements of typesetting style, Old Phototypesetter tales, Q&A, The Crystal Goblet and a glossary), these pages were written by Michael Sanborn, formerly a typesetter for a company named Graphion. About his site, the author used to say that “the museum serves as both a gallery of typographic trivia and a repository of information that today's graphic designers really should know and don’t. (…) A lot of elements of typographic art have been forgotten”.

Typographic Visionnaries

This is a gallery of the individuals who, through their creative drive and passion for their craft, formed the world of type as we know it today.

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Graphion's Online Type Museum

Author: Michael Sanborn
Online Archives: Graphion
Date of disparition: 1999