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rinting should be invisible

Technologies have changed but the principles of typography has not changed. The purpose of typographic design is always the same: it is to communicate words. Typography is the means by which words are made available to the word. But it is only a mean, not an end in itself.

Typography may be an art but it is also a science. Its goal is to serve the communication. As a typographer, you are the servant of the author of the text. You may help the author to be better understood and that’s an important part of the job. But you don’t make works of art of your own.

ypographic culture

To learn the art of typography, you have to practice it. The best way of learning types is to play with them. Priority has to be given to classical typefaces such as Bembo, Garamond or Bodoni which have been widely used since the invention of printing.

To play with a type implies to use it for different kind of works, to combine it with other typefaces or even with some variation of the type (light, bold, etc.). The other way to learn is to take a great attention to the printing production in studying newspapers, books or ads.

Remember one more thing: typographically speaking, the simplest is always the best.