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Corpid, corporate identity
CorpidA so corporate typeface, even its name sounds corporate: CORporate IDentity. A typeface designed Luc(as) de Groot

A father of a large family
Luc(as) de Groot by Franziska Toerring“I think type design should be a mixture of intuition and calculation.”
The art of combining rationality and inspiration in type design by Luc(as) de Groot, the father of the famous The Sans family of typefaces.

A webtool proposed by FontShop to create its own bitmap typeface online, presented by its developper, Rob Meek, a creative Berliner who seems to enjoy the typography...

London UndergroundThe typographic spirit of the London subway
Portrait of the London Underground, another typeface of Richard Kegler (cf the november 2007 issue of the typographic Times), modern revival of the famous typeface designed by Edward Johnston for the subway of London. So British!

Aldus Manutius, VeniceThe house of Alde Manuce in Venice
Walking in Venice, in the Santa Croce area, I've seen the house of one of the most famous printer of all times, Alde Manuce, inventor of the italic typeface and of the paperback books.