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Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle
Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle (Toulouse, 1970 - ?) has been a typography addict since his discovery in 1994 of a book (Graphic Design + Designers, Thames & Hudson) which mentionned that the Times New Roman, regularly used on all the PC of the planet, was designed in 1931 under the direction of Stanley Morison for the famous English newspaper...

He has written a lot of articles published since 1998 on the French speaking site Typographie & Civilisation. In 1999, he launched Planet typography to deal with the modern typographic creation.

He has also created a lot of other sites but he has always updated with enthousiasm his typography websites. Jean-Christophe’s other passions go from traveling (Objectif Terre, Cap sur le Monde, The Phileas Fogg Project) to anything else including comics hero and the battle of Austerlitz (Via Lupo).

All these projects are for fun only and do not generate any cent of income. In the real life, Jean-Christophe is eBusiness manager of a multinational industrial group.

For more information about these creations (+ CV and other info), you can go on his ad hoc site : Varia vivendi cupidus