Planet typography
Planet typography

Jean-Christophe Loubet del BayleChristophe Badani (Marseille, 1969 - ?) is fond of typo with an educational background in graphic design; he has decided later to focus only on type design. After beginning as phototype setter and lay-out artist, he has worked for advertising and publishing agencies as a specialist in type and logo design.

He’s fascinated by the letters in general and studied calligraphy and writing engraving. He’s the author of the French speaking site Calligraphia hosted on Planète typographie (the French parent of Planet). He’s a professor at the school of visual communication IntuitLab in Paris.

You will find all his creations on his site named le Typophage.

He designed the new Planet typography logotype (2005). The creation process is described in this article. The final result is presented below:

Planet typography logotype