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[Août 2005]
Planet typography:
A logotype designed by Christophe Badani
Explanation by Christophe Badani himself


Logo Planète typographieStep 1: Every work begins with a pen or a pencil on a piece of paper. For the Planet logotype, it was decided to combine a pictogram with a typogram (the typographic part). Here the research was focused on the pictogram alone.

For me, the graphic concept of the logo is derived from the top left on the board ie a kind of planet with satellits around and a "PT" monogram. Generally, I draw all what I have in mind. Sometimes, I find interesting things without really thinking about.

However, this R&D part is the most important step : it’s better to lose time on it.

Logo Planète typographieStep 2: After the brainstorming part, you have a lot of roughs to analyze : in order to keep a mininum amount of options. This is my choice.

Step 3: And the question is… which typo to use for te name. Taking into account the fact that the typogram will sometimes live by himself and sometimes be combined with the monogram.

Logo Planète typographieTypically the idea is to combine a serif typeface with a sans-serif, light and bold, in order to make contrast the two words "Planète" and "Typographie"..

One idea will have to picked among these roughs. Later, I will redesign entirely the letters in order to make them fit to the monogram.

Logo Planète typographie
Step 4:
The job is finished… but everything has to be done: the design of the logotype. Pictogram and letters are designed with FontLab, a powerful typeface design software. I prefer to use this soft as it is clearly more precise than the traditionnal vectorial drawings soft

Logo Planète typographie
Logo Planète typographieStep 5: The pictogram is now associated to the monogram in Illustrator in order to design the logo globally and to color it. The logotype is now nearly finished. Some small corrections appear; some are eliminated. This step is often difficult because a lot of decisions have to be taken; some choices have to be made. For instance, the planet was initially illustrated with a circle; it has been changed by a less geometric shape, more dynamic, to reinforce the identity of the logo.

Logo Planète typographieStep 6: That’s that! The final version is now designed again in FontLab. All the angles, tangents, curved and straight lines, are scrupulously checked and set up. Then the design is imported in Illustrator for the colorization and the design of a final document to be used depending needs and media supports..

Step 7: A must! To work out a reference board or a style guide to group on a single document all the logotype versions (colored, B&W, combined with the monogram, without, etc.).

Logo Planète typographie Reference Board

Logo Planète typographieStep 8: ...Another must : a Planète typographie font including all the elements of the logotype. Very convenient for a day to day use…

Step 9: The international versions of the logotype: in English, Spanish, Italian, German and Czech. Very close in design as the word Typography and Planet is very similar in these Latin, Anglo-Saxon and Slavic languages.Planet typography Internationa