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[September 2008]
Fontstruct: create your own typeface online
Rob Meek interview
FontStruct site designer


FontStructCan tell us you what is Font-Struct on your point of view ?

FontStruct is an online platform where anyone can quickly and easily build and share modular typefaces for free.

What was the objectives of FontShop in lauchning FontStruct ?

FontStruct is a contribution by FontShop to the typographic community. The intention is to further raise the profile of FontShop as a market leader in the field of digital type.
FontStruct also offers an excellent platform for promoting FontShop products directly and exclusively.

Do you have any statistics about the number of people registered ?

There are over 40.000 registered users.

FontStructAs for you what are the most interesting creations done at that time on FontStruct ?

I have been amazed at what people have done with FontStruct. I like to try and visit the Gallery page every day to see the latest faces which people have come up with. Nathan Cox has been building great fonts from the begining, and 'geneus1' has also done some incredible work.
But there are many other amazing and original modular fonts available.

You seem to be the designer of a another funny type linked applications (the Meek-FM typographic synthetizer), can you tell some words about you ?

I'm a designer and developer living in Berlin. I like to produce original creative applications. Recently many of these applications have been typographical in nature such as the MEEK FM typographic synthesizer which allows a designer or musician to generate sounds and type simultaneously using a synthesizer like interface.
See also: Rob Meek website