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[Avril 2001]
Out of Mexico :
and other typographic curiosities


Unusual photographies taken during a trip and the Mexican provinces of Puebla and Michoacan...

Colonial typography

In order to keep a colonial flavour to the cities settled by the Spanish conquerors in the center of Mexico (Morelia, Patzcuaro & Puebla), most of the signs of this area respect the following rules: composition in an incised typeface, first letter composed in red and substitution of the capital ‘O’ by a lower-case ‘o’ above a tilde.

It’s also possible to discover some beautiful examples of Far West style typography !

Electoral typography

In Mexico, the ads are often painted directly on the white walls of the houses. The campaign of Vicente Fox in 2000 ended a 50 years period domination by the PRI. It was also possible to do an analogy between the ’x’ of Mexico with the ’x’ of Fox, and behind this last ’x’, the logotype of the PRI, expressing the will to change the governing team.

Photos © 2001 Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle
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