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Copyrights issue

Since the democratisation of the typeface design with the launch of easy-to-use design softwares, a lot of designers have been distributing their work freely to obtain recognition for the quality of their work.

These works are now part of the so-called Public Domain which can be divided in four categories :

  • Public Domain stricto senso : the typefaces can either be distributed and used freely and without paying any contribution. And there’s no need to mention in any way the author. The typefaces can be modified and redistributed freely.
  • Freeware : as for Public Domain, the typefaces can can either be distributed and used freely without paying any contribution. However, the typeface remains the property of its author so must be distributed with the Read-me file attached.
  • Shareware : the typefaces can be distributed freely but in case of use, a contribution (often symbolic) must be paid to its author. The instructions are included in the Read-me file attached. This small fee is a fair contribution to the work of the typeface’s author.
  • Demo version : the demo typefaces are freeware, often incomplete, special version of commercial typeface. They are made in order to allows prospective customers to try a program before buying it.