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Birthdate: 2008
Legal status: Freeware (for personal and commercial use)
Classification: Sans Serif
Description: Sansation is a slightly squared sans serif typeface. It was not designed to be a textfont.

Bernd Montag

Bernd MontagLocation and year of birth: Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz), 1987
His life in brief: “Ever since I was a child I do creative things. I am interested in nearly everything that has to do with design. I am not shure but I think I started designing type back in 2006.
Currently I study ‘Multimedia|VirtualReality-Design’ at the ‘Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule für Kunst und Design’ in Halle.

Sansation: how ? why ?
When I started working on Sansation I just wanted to creat a sans serif typeface with a modern feeling but an important thing during the design process was to make the font look unique in some way. This is the reason why some of the lettershapes are unusual (such as the lowercase k).
Sansation is a still crowing family. Currently I work on italic versions for each of the three weights. I also want to add more glyphs to it such as mathematical symbols, fraktures, accents and more language support (even Cyrillic glyphs).”