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TrashHandBirthdate: 2001
Legal status: Freeware
Classification: Script
Description: TrashHand is a typeface designed on the basis of a manuscript writing. The writing rythm is spontaneous and controled in the same time, which gives to this typeface its unique color.


Luce Averous

LuceLocation & date of birth: Castres (Southern France), 1978
Her life in brief: Independant graphic and type designer, Luce has worked since 2004 in Toulouse. She has discovered the art of the letter at the Toulouse Scriptorium Fine School and has practiced it in all its aspects: calligraphy, graphic and typographic design.
TrashHand: how ? why ?
I’ve written for a long time in TrashHand : I write the titles of my files or even my notes with this writing. One day, I tried to write it with more attention: it gave me the draft of the typeface. The digitalization was quite easy: only a small cleaning was requested in order to keep its freshness to the design. By the way, I’m always surprised by the kind of applications designed with TrashHand (political party, fitness fair, car advertising, etc.)
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Luce Averous