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Base 02

Birthdate: 2003
Legal status: Freeware for a private use / For a commercial use, contact the designer
Classification: Trash
Description: Experimental trashed Helvetica

Base 02Base 02
Base 02

Clément Nicolle

ClémentLocation & date of birth: Dijon, 1980
His life in brief: After high school studies, lost in traditionnal graduate studies (law, business). Abruptely discovered his vocation: graphic design. Ad hoc studies: visual communication degree at Ecoles de Condé Nancy. Major of his promotion in June 2004 en juin 2004. Since september 2004, freelance graphic designer with Publicis Nancy as main customer.
Base 02: how ? why ?
The Base 02 is born by mistake: “I printed a text in a really black Helvetica and by mistake I drawed some signs with a pen. I tried to save my work with tipex and the final result was worst. Finally, as it was too late, I decided to print all the letters to create the Base 02.”

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Base 02