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PastasBirthdate: 2003 (Regular) -> 2004 (Black)
Legal status: Freeware. Any sample of designs using Pastas are welcomed by Sergio.
Classification: Fancy unclassified type
Description: Trash modern titling type


Sergio Jimenez

Sergio JimenezLocation and year of birth: Toledo, 1976
His life in brief: Sergio Jiménez is an illustrator who lives and works between Toledo and Madrid. He is producer, editor and designer of the spanish independent project Subcoolture. The project includes a experimental graphic lab, illustrations and ezines collaborations and the limited edition of Sub_ magazine, a publication focused on contemporay illustration, graphic design and typography. Sergio Jiménez has worked for videos where have mixed type design and motion graphics and presently, he shares his work as art director for Replica Studio with his thesis about amateurism and graphic design. He has published illustrations and typography in numerous magazines like Belio, Arkitip, Viewofthetimes, Vanidad, Snowplanet, Blank, etc... He loves amateur type.
10 things about Pastas font by Sergio himself:
1. Pastas is a lovely, fresh, and friendly font.
2. It is a kind of thing which can be called naive amazing font.
3. Pastas is not a innovation. It imitates the handmade style of Sergio Jiménez.
4. It was drawn in a sketchbook and then “educated” in Fontographer.
5. Pastas loves disorder. So, do not think in Pastas as a serious font.
6. Pastas was my girlfriend, now Pastas is my lover.
7. When I created Pastas, I didn’t know how to use the kern, the track, and the metrics. I think I’m still in a trouble with that.
8. Pastas is passion, not fashion.
9. It is useful (I think).
10. Someday Pastas will be in a important logo.