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Birthdate: End of the 1990’s
Legal status: Free for any use except redistribution
Classification: Serif
Description: Imitation of corroded antique letterpress. A lot of autotracing to preserve the bumpy edge. the small caps were a reaction to fake small caps which don’t match in weight.

Harold Lohner

HaroldLocation and year of birth: Schenectady (New York), 1958
His life in brief: “have always loved letters, but too shaky to letter by hand until i got onto the mac in 1996. MFA in printmaking, professor of art at The Sage Colleges in Albany NY. monoprint is my main medium and making fonts is sort of like my hobby. if you don’t have children, play games or watch sports you need other things to do :-)

Dominican: how ? why ?
The roman is adapted from a font of the same name in a dan x. solo font book, with additional characters. the italic includes many characters i drew by hand. active attempt to make something better than the overused Caslon Antique.
The Dominican is far from one of my favorites or more original or personal fonts. To see my better, newer work go to have a look on National Archive.”

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