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L Regular

Birthdate: 1997
Legal status: Free for personal use. For professional use, if the project has no racist or pornographic implication, the use of the type is allowed by sending a specimen to the designer.
Classification: Trashed type or stamped
Description: The concept behind this project was to rescue the rubber-style of that type. In the end of the 90’s, it was hard to get even stamped or stenciled type.
L RegularL Regular

Markus Schröppel

Markus SchröppelLocation and year of birth: Noerdlingen (Bavaria), a nice small medieval town, 1965
His life in brief: Graduated in graphic design from the University of Augsburg and the Bergische University of Wuppertal. Creative director for agencies like Grey-worldwide, BBDO and Ogilvy & Mather. Teacher and trainer in visual communication and typography.

LL: how ? why ?
The “LL” fonts serie was launched for Fuse 95 in Berlin. LL means “lustige lettern” [funny typefaces]. The first of the serie was the LL Faktotum (its working title was LL Old Rubberstamp) to rescue a beautiful old stamp writing of a flea market, which unfortunately suffered by the time assaults (70 years). It was to save it for future generations in digitalizing it. The scans took place in Augsburg and the fonts developed in the FuseLab. This font is available for free at Fontshop.
A bit about the L Regular: the original name is LL Rubber grothesque before it came to that name by Macintosh, Windows Web HTML missmatch.

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L Regular